Betreff: Re: Der Spiegel International Article - Are GM crops killing bees
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Datum: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 12:32:35 EDT

To All:   My review yesterday re beekeeping led me to some differences that may be contributing to the decline of bees and keepers who aren't experiencing and/or reporting same concerns.
I saved access info to two sites:
Unfortunately I was interrupted and do not have the time right now to state which site contained the info I am about to mention. 
An extensive study was conducted titled "Thermology of Wintering Bee Colonies" by Charles N. Owens, Agricultural Research Services.   
The study included the use of numerous, remote sensing elements or thermocouplers.  Use of tape heaters to hold colony at 40 degrees.   Believe this is the 5-yr. study out of Madison, Wisconsin.
One of the items I reviewed happened to mention "solar radiation" as markedly affecting cluster movement.  [may be primary difference why hives located in forests are not adversely affected....would need to evaluate distances from cellular antennae and high voltage powerlines.....and compare w/those who use equipment powered by electric vs. batterry, etc......jcm file note 3-29-07...]
In the northeastern , southeastern  and western parts of the U.S., electric fences are used to keep bears away from the hives.   I was not able to determine whether there is a recommended distance between fencing and the hives but suspect they may be fairly close to each other.
Some of the information mentions that stronger colonies change cluster location and size more than weaker colonies.  Weaker colonies can not genererate sufficient heat to move even a mild Wisconsin winter.
While "temperature" is a concern and is known to both positively and negatively affect bees, there are many explanations in the study re thermology and the other literature regarding temperature variations within the hives due to gathering of the bees, why it is important re location of bees, humidity factors, mold issues and, of course the concerns re mites, etc.   Pesticide use is mentioned but emphasis was on "limited use.  I did come across that statement "pesticides shall not be sprayed on any bloom..." [effects of pesticides may be exacerbated by any EMF exposures.....jcm file note 3-29-07]
In addition to solar radiation and close electric fencing where applicable, many breeders use smokers.  Some bees poke their heads in and out of the frames and the smoke is repeated in the process of separating bees from the honey.
Commercial beekeepeers use blowers to "evict from super...."   [not sure whether the blowers are electrical but know there are "gas-driven motors" that, either the motor or the object "being driven" may emit strong EMF's -- will be preparing email re inverters and adverse effects on humans....jcm file note 3-29-07...]
If anyone is able to meet with a beekeeper and measure EMF's from the blower, that might be a good place to start.  We have the study by Lai re hairdryers and DNA damage. 
Commercial beekeepers may own as many as 500 hives.  They drive the hives "all over the place" to pollinae crops.   Stress was also mentioned in the various items I reviewed.  We know that stress and concomittant inflammation are major factors in regard to any sort of radiation exposure whether ionizing or nonionizing and occur early on.  
The element of greed  (possibly ignorance) also enters the picture.  One of the papers suggests owners may not leave enough honey in hives for bees to survive. 
Reorganization of cluters could be affected by time, temperature and shortage of food.
Heating of hives changed cluster volume......eventual death of colony wa caused by starvation and failure to replace old bees.  Believe this info re heating and cluster volume is in the Wisconsin study.  [I did not find any comment re  EMF's due to electric heaters in the study ...jcm file notes 3-29-07...]
Their is possibility any breeder may use heating pads at one time or another but I was not able to confirm this either by reviewing various breeder sites or by reviewing beekeeping product lines.
Keeping in mind close exposures to electric meters in two of my grandsons (different cities) AND the facts such as marked increases in overall immune function (IGG's) after moving their beds away from electric meters, beekeepers may want to first focus on any items or objects that emit EMF's close to location of the bees including electric fences.   My "non-expert studies" on two sets of two guinea pigs each, also produced immune collapse in all four guinea pigs plus death of one out of each set of two in 30 days after exposures to electric meter.  My files contain more than one lab report (CBC's with differentials) documenting "correction in immune function" -- lymphocyte and neutrophil counts after removing cages (3 mos. apart) away from electric meter. 
The bees, the human babies and the guinea pigs have "joined ranks" -- they all "tell the story...."   Take care everyone!!!   Joanne
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