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Dear All:   The issue of bees doing well in forest away from cell towers, powerlines, etc. caused me to remember that I never distributed facts surrounding lots of health problems affecting one of my brother's partners.   Even persons living in forests might be exposed to EMF's they are unaware of.......
I have permission to share that my brother, Skip Besch conveyed many concerns re his partner, Susan Williams, while they were spending the summer in national forest campgrounds in the Arizona mountains (near Springerville) from spring to fall of 2006.
Skip was describing Susan's problems -- one after another -- headaches, hot flashes, inability to sleep, etc. followed by medical tests indicating elevation of cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar with the doctor prescribing several medications.
Skip doesn't have any health insurance (no tests or doctor consults) but reported not having much energy and also not sleeping well.  Even their dog, Sasha was lacking energy and enthusiasm to go for hikes......
I had previously been concerned about cell phone usage but Skip always reminded me that they use the speaker.   Skip had been living his "mountain/forest lifestyle" for many years and always depended upon frequent cell phone contact and often drove to areas where he could get better reception.
SO, I, at least for the moment, was discounting cell phone/antennae concerns as major contributors to this sudden increase in adverse health problems.
I said, "if you weren't living out in the middle of nowhere, I would think you had some sort of electrical item near you at night."   Skip responded, "well, we watch TV ......"    I was a bit surprised.  He added, "unless the INVERTER could be causing problems........"
Family members later told me inverters would not cause such problems.
Skip said, "the inverter acts like a transformer...."    In spite of others stating their reasons why they believed the transformer would not be causing decline in health, Skip and I discussed moving it away from the side of the trailer.   It had been very close to the outside of the bed where Susan watched TV for hours at night.  Also, Skip and Sasha were nearby but farther away from the inverter itself.
They moved south to the city of Benson, Arizona in late fall to spend the winter.  Susan "excitedly reported" that ALL of her tests were/are now completely normal and the doctor was very surprised that she had made such remarkable improvement.  Susan had reported feeling much better and sleeping well -- more energy, no hot flashes, etc. only a day or so after Skip moved the inverter farther away from the side of the trailer.  Susan had also "stopped taking medications" while still up at Springerville area. 
A couple years prior to Susan's sudden decline in health (August 2006), she was living with her husband in a trailer (initially reported as motorhome) in the mountains near Williams, Arizona.   She had a heart attack.   She reports that, at the time of the attack and for months before that, she had been actually sitting up against an inverter in their trailer.
The issue of RV'ers having panel boxes right behind heads' of beds in many motorhomes and trailers, not to mention widespread usage of inverters in RV's and probably also semi-trucks, may be the reason why many persons who travel across-the-country and/or live in mobile facilities during the winter, find themselves going to the ER for chest pains and other health problems.  
It is only in hindsight that I realize this might be one of the reasons my dad crashed their new motorhome into a toll booth.  He reported to me that "I don't know if I had my foot on the brake or the gas...."   He seemed very confused but, of course, he was talking to me right after the accident.  This occurred after they spent the night in the parking lot of the place they purchased the motorhome.    We had chalked up the accident to his inexperience in handling the motorhome (he was elderly -- now deceased) but drove many thousands of miles before and after that without incident. 
Dr. Marjorie Lundquist's reply (my computer didn't save email date and info) is included w/this email (copied below or as attachment) as well a my request for her opinion.      Take care  -  Joanne
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Joanne, if an inverter transforms direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC)
then it MIGHT be a source of harmful EMF fields.  It depends on the details of
its circuitry.  One that puts out good-quality current might itself be hazardous,
but the current it puts out might not be.  A real cheap inverter could, at least
in theory, put out current that is of poorer quality, and then there may be a
somewhat reduced hazard near the inverter, but a somewhat greater hazard all along
the wire carrying the current that it produces.

You mention running a television set off the inverter.  Remember that TV sets are
notorious for introducing high frequencies onto the current that is used to power
them.  Maybe the TV set that is being operated by the inverter is old, so it is not
operating quite right (e.g., generating frequencies internally that it ought not
to generate) in which case a new TV set would correct the problem.

The RF around electrical wiring should fall off VERY STRONGLY with increasing dis-
tance from the source, which means that if the sick person moves away from inver-
ter, wires and TV set and this reduces the severity of illness, then the illness
may well be caused by RF around this equipment or the wire carrying the current.

If all this is happening in a mountainous area, maybe there is a distant source of
EMF contributing to the problem.  Telephone conversations used to be transformed to
microwaves and then beamed from point to point across the country; the relay trans-
mitters for this were always situated on places like mountaintops.  {This doesn't
seem to be a likely source of the problem you describe, but I thought I should men-
tion it.)  Other external sources are things like airport or air base radar, and
maybe even HAARP.

Sorry if this is not much help.  You could always suggest that one or two of the
Graham-Stetzer capacitors be plugged in where the TV set is plugged in to the out-
put from the inverter; if this helped, then either the TV set or the inverter, or
both, is the culprit, and a solution is in hand!  (One of those "multiple outlet
devices" that can be bought for under $5 might have to be bought and used, so that
several things could be plugged into a single female plug coming off the inverter.)

Marjorie Lundquist
Bioelectromagnetic Hygienist
--- wrote:

Subject: Inverter.....
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 18:00:46 EDT

Dear Marjorie:   Do you have any idea whether an inverter might  put out
EMF's -- electrical field, magnetic field, or RF?    I  think it runs off battery
(maybe truck battery??? or a separate one he keeps  charged up for that
purpose???) and is used to allow for operating TV when they  have no electricity.

Brother who spends most of time in woods (free National Forest Campgrounds) 
has a friend with him who has been getting sicker and sicker.

Would suspect cell phone usage (heavy) but they use a speaker all the time 
when not in town (seldom).    Signals would need to be strong to  reach their
mountainous locations -- sometimes they can't get strong enough  signal, etc.

Doubt she carries cellphone in her pocket....they have only one phone and 
Skip usually has that.

Friend is in her late 30's.  Docs say she is too young to have all the  "hot
flashes"she reports -- lately were almost constant and  severe.    Her blood
pressure has been hard to control.  She  was also put on Lipitor (now stopped
after talking to me).  The Lipitor,  however, was only part of her history in
past week (time of suspecting EMF's)  and had been taken for only two days
before I questioned Skip re possible  electrical exposures. 

I suspected a thyroid problem due to EMR exposure.   I was  mystified re
possible exposure other than cell phone, antennas, etc. but did  ask.   Turns out
Skip has been hooking up an inverter that was right  next to spot where they
watch TV for several hours a day (next to the  bed).

So much for "middle of the woods -- healthy lifestyle!!!!"

He purchased a longer cord for the inverter and it is now about 7 ft. from 
the bed where they watch TV. 

Friend now reports feeling great -- sleeping well all night long except to 
let dog out -- returns to bed and goes to sleep, wakes up refreshed and having 
lots of energy. 

Skip himself had reported "no energy" and friend now reports Skip also  has
more energy and has mentioned they should start hiking again.  She  reports he
now sleeps good all night whereas he was up pacing and couldn't get  back to
sleep when dog went out, etc. before inverter was moved.

Friend reports the dog seems to have more energy (in reponse to my 

She also now realizes her exposure at home in West Virginia (growing up) up 
against electric meter may be involved in her ES.

She had a small infarction diagnosed when she was still with her abusive 
husband some time in past two years.    She reports spending lots  of time "up
against" the inverter in the motorhome just prior to the minor heart  attack.

I began to get very suspicious when I started thinking about them  mentioning
several times about doctor visits over past 6-8 months but with  a sudden
increase over past couple of months.   It has been about a  year of close
exposure to the inverter in the small trailer (Skip's).

As usual, you are busy but if you think of something without doing too much 
digging, I would really appreciate your opinion as to whether an inverter
might  cause problems similar to an electric meter, clock,  etc.      As I
mentioned, they use the speaker for cell  phone conversations and that has not
changed since they moved the  inverter.  Thanks much and take care!!!!  Joanne