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Trying to find people and/or offering homes:

Find people*Main&url=http%3A//
List a home to share -- has space to indicate "Will take pets"
Offering home for fostering National/Regional animal organizations helping out, on-site: Updates on various groups Donations for many organizations as well as links to many groups and information Best Friends
Donate for hurricane relief:
North Shore Animal League of America
The Humane Society of the United States
Donate for hurricane relief:
Situation report (from 8/29): You can get banners to put on your site or blog here:
Impact on farm animals: United Animal Nations/EARS (Emergency Animal Rescue Services)
Donate for disaster relief:
International Fund for Animal Welfare
Noah's Wish
Donate and Needs list:
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Donate: They are donating $1MM Pets & Animals in Distress
American Humane Society
donate: Field Report: http://www.americanhumaneorg/site/PageServer?pagename=pa_disaster_relief
American Veterinary Medical Foundation
Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams (VMATs) are the national backbone of animal disaster preparedness and response. With assistance, funding and support from the AVMF, VMATs provide treatment and aid to animals used in search-and-rescue efforts and animals hurt or endangered by catastrophic events such as floods, hurricanes, fires and earthquake
Louisiana SPCA
Their animals were evacuated
The LA SPCA will coordinate all animal rescue from affected areas to the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, LA. This will be the primary staging area. Donations of food, kennels, etc are needed. Please donate through the LVMA (see below)
Contact: Kathryn Destriza
Lorretta Lambertson
Lamar-Dixon Expo Center
Exit I-10 at Exit 177 - LA Hwy 30; Exit West (towards Tanger Mall); Left onto St. Landry Road
9039 St. Landry Road
Gonzales, LA 70737
Phone: 225-621-1700
Louisiana Veterinarian Medical Association
Lists locations for evacuation, including help for horses
The Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association web site has a list of area animal shelters available. They are working in cooperation with other animal state organizations as well as LSU SVM, VMAT, and FEMA. LVMA has set up an emergency fund for animals
Walter J. Ernst Jr. Foundation
8550 United Plaza Blvd. , Suite 1001
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Toll free: (800) 524-2996
Phone: (225) 928-5862
Fax: (225) 922-4611
Alabama Humane Federation
Supply message board:
Have/need space:
Transport list via message board:
Donate to a special fund specifically for GAS for rescuers: Go to any SouthTrust Bank and donate to "Alabama Humane Federation Rescue Fund"
These funds will be available to rescuers so check with the group if you have a request
The Houston Humane Society (HHS)
Is opening their clinic for the emergency care of pets that have been evacuated from the wake of Hurricane Katrina. On Saturday, September 3rd and Sunday, September 4th, the Houston Humane Society Animal Wellness Center will offer free bordetella vaccinations for upper respiratory disease protection, vaccinations for dog and cat infectious transmissible diseases, Advantix flea and tick preventative for dogs and Advantage flea preventative for cats to the pets of residents of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Pets will also receive a gift bag filled with animal food and supplies.
The Houston Humane Society (HHS) is extending their food drive to prepare for the arrival of animals from storm-damaged areas in the coming weeks. Donations of food, towels or money for medical supplies can be brought to the shelter at 14700 Almeda Road, just south of Beltway 8.
The HHS Animal Wellness Center is located at 14810 Almeda (2 blocks south of Beltway 8 and Almeda Road), and will be open between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday to evacuees with a photo ID from one of the affected states
United States Equestrian Federation, Inc. -- really slow loading document
Habitat for Horses/Lone Star Equine Rescue
Donate: and
Updates: and
Days End Farm Horse Rescue
Animals needing foster and/or permanent homes and/or volunteer help needed:

Dave Long is an insurance claims adjuster and has an 8 year old JRT. He has been told that in 2 to 3 days, he will be leaving for the hurricane ravaged Gulf Coast, and will not return for 3-6 months. He needs someone who can either watch his dog for that period of time, or surrender him to an organization who can place him in foster care immediately. RRI is pulling three shelter dogs today, which will once again put us
without any foster homes. If you can help, please give Dave a call immediately. The dog is neutered, UTD on shots, and on HW prevention.
Dave's contact information is as follows: email: davemyob @ msn. com (remove spaces)
Phone: 727.823.7062 or 727.423.6267 He is in St. Pete.
If anyone can provide a pet with foster care or a permanent home, please call us at either (504) 416-8361 (Elizabeth Bell Sprang) or (504) 416-8362 (Anne Bell). These animals from our clinic were homeless and at our clinic trying to find new homes. They desperately need these homes now, because we may never get to rebuild Southern Animal Foundation, at least not in New Orleans. Please help in any way if you can. Thank you all for caring about these wonderful creatures.
· Asistance is needed to permanently place 145 animals that were evacuated to Texas

o Hands-On Help: for displaced shelter animals, contact Lou Guyton (HSUS):, cell: 214/704- 4868

· The Humane Society (Gulfport) is in need of volunteers to help feed and water animals left in the ruins. They reported the new U.S. 49 location may be used to shelter animals.

· Alabama Humane Federation

o Will be listing who needs space on a message board: Who is taking animals or has taken animals: Ongoing shelter list, prepared by EARS (check for updates daily)
Please let people know that we have opened a pet shelter at Blackham Coliseum in Lafayette, right next to the Cajundome. Evacuees may bring their pets their for housing. We have PLENTY of food, water, crates, cages, bedding and newspaper. BUT the owners are responsible for feeding, watering, walking and medicating their own pets.
Interested parties may call Lafayette Parish Animal Control at: 337/291-5644 for more information.
Also many area vets are accepting animals right now, until they fill up. Get the Yellow Pages out!
Houston Humane Society who are now caring for pets from Louisiana shelters A member received a call while ago from her Irish Wolfhound friend, Jean Reed. Jean has recently relocated to near Tyler, TX and wanted her to post to all lists that if anyone has need of a place for their dogs, horses or themselves to contact her. She and her daughter, Jennifer (who's a handler) have room for any and all who are seeking refuge from Katrina and her aftermath. Jean's cell phone number is 941-228-8414 (this is a Florida cell number, but is active) LSU School of Veterinary Medicine: Shelter for evacuees with pets, is at the LSU John M. Parker coliseum. The LSU SVM is coordinating efforts. All manner of supplies are needed. Veterinary medical supplies may be channeled for receipt to Dr. Drone. Other donations are being channeled through the LVMA (see below) Paula Drone, DVM 225-572-0732 (home) 225-667-0004
Alabama Humane Federation
Will be listing space available on a message board:
To shelter pets or horses in Mississippi, please call the Mississippi Animal Rescue League at 601/969-1631 or visit “Planning for Animals in Disaster” at, or call the Animal Health Emergency Hotline: 888/722-3106.
Animal rescue league shelters in Mississippi’s less disaster impacted areas are accepting evacuated animals from other coastal areas. Texas animal shelters are currently evacuating pets now housed in Louisiana shelters.
Equine evacuation information is available for horse owners in coastal states by calling Bonnie Clark, Louisiana Horseman’s Guide publisher, at (888) 784-8760 or (225) 721-1571 or by e-mail at
Days End Farm Horse Rescue
United States Equestrian Federation, Inc -- really slow-loading document
Getting Help for Specific Animals in the Affected Areas (the big groups are supposedly merging data):

If you have an animal that has been left behind or know of one that has been left behind: 435/644-3965 ext. 4455 Please include the following information: Name and contact information Address where the pet was left Pet’s name Description of pet – species, breed or special markings If you have another animal issue or need of help related to the hurricane disaster: 435/644-2001 ext. 123 We are collecting rescue requests from evacuees and others who are unsure of the whereabouts of their animals. Those requests are daily being compiled with requests reported to other organizations with whom we are coordinating to form a master database. Once teams are deployed, these requests will be forwarded to those in the area who can perform rescue efforts. If you need to report a lost animal, please send your name, number, e-mail, the # and species of animal, location of animal (address plus directions and landmarks), and permission to enter to
Laura who is with the ASPCA and on the ground in New Orleans is taking in information about abandoned and stranded animals needing rescue. They are making a list with names, addresses, etc. Please do not contact Laura unless you have information on an animal that needs rescue in the area or can offer immediate help with rescue efforts. She must keep her phone line free as much as possible, so unless an emergency, please EMAIL. They are printing out the emails constantly.
Laura, ASPCA - New Orleans area

· "If people have injured or sick animals, or if people need pet medication or health certificates if they want to take the animal on an airplane, we will help as much as we can until things like pet tranquilizers or inoculations run out," Geotes said Thursday afternoon, the first day he opened for the two-hour stretch.

Gulfport Veterinary is at 204 Pass Road. Pass Road Veterinary in Biloxi is at 2709 Pass Road.
Matching Animals with Owners:

Best Friends is coordinating efforts with rescue groups to find animals that have been left in Louisiana and Mississippi homes.
Please get the word out to anyone you know who had to leave behind an animal that they can write to or call 435.644.3965 ext.4455 and leave the following information:
Name and current contact information
Address where animal was left
Name of pet
Description of pet (species, breed, distinguishing characteristics)
Photo if available.
Please call the following if your pet has been microchipped and was lost during the hurricane as many animals were found with microchips in all the states hit by Hurricane Katrina; there are several hundred already safely placed and need the owners to call
Avid Microchip ID (they also own Pet Net Microchip Company), 800/336-2843
Home Again Microchip Recovery, 866-738-4324 Microchip, 800/838-8563

Pet Loss Hotline
We know that so many people are struggling to cope with the unknown status of their animals and ultimately mourning their deaths. If you or someone you know need to talk with someone, please call the Pet Loss Support Hotline run by the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.The toll-free number is (800) 565-1526 and there are people to answer the line between Monday through Friday, 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm PST. The school is hoping to get extra help over the next few weeks to staff the hotline, who will be instructed on dealing with victims of disasters.
Chat/post comments
Starting Friday from 3pm - 9pm est also on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, there will be hosted, open chats for everyone who wants to network, process, grieve, share ideas etc. about anything having to do with the gulf-coast disaster. The enormity of the initial event is difficult to comprehend, and the long-term implications even more so.
This will be a safe place to meet and find support and, hopefully, some meaningful answers to the questions we all seem to have.
In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the American Kennel Club (AKC) is working to make contact with delegates, presidents and secretaries of AKC Member and Licensed Clubs in the hurricane-stricken states. Additionally, the AKC is working with the Houston Kennel Club and the Florida Association of Kennel Clubs (FAKC) to determine where shelters and staging areas will be established. If your club is in need of assistance or you know a shelter that needs help, please contact us at or call 212-696-8220. You may also call Diane Albers, FAKC, at 800-597-2987
Personally, I would think there are better organizations to donate to than the AKC but that's an individual choice
Animal Gallery
A good fund-raising idea
posted by: Gina LaFond Here's an idea I'll share with you... I just ordered a 50 pack of the Best Friends "I saved a pet" bracelets. They're shown on the right side of your screen. I plan to take them to work and ask for a minimum donation of $25.00 to receive a bracelet signifying a donation to the hurricane victims.. I will then turn over the donation to Best Friends. I have ABSOLUTE trust, based on my past experiences with Best Friends, that the money will go to the animals. They have always operated on that principle and always will. I encourage others to try this idea too and we'll see if we can make a difference. I'll keep you posted as to how my fundraising is coming along. Gina LaFond ( Duluth, Minnesota)
A place where you can post comments
Write these churches to suggest that they also send donations for animals
TN Baptist - -- just sent several trucks of food, supplies, etc. to feed 300,000 people for 90 days
AL Baptist -
PCA Churches -
"Peculiar People" (wonderful church ministry) -
Disaster Preparedness
http://www.avmaorg/disaster/saving_family.asp .
for vet offices:
for kids:,1082,0_604_,00.html
FIRST AID FOR PET:,1082,0_10_,00.html
barnyard animals preparedness:,1082,0_11_,00.html
Disaster Response Training
disaster preparedness card:
Disaster Planning Manual
Set of manuals to support the efforts of emergency planners as well as the managers and staff of animal shelters and other facilities housing animals; the manual is available for download, free of charge
American Zoo and Aquarium Association
Hurricane update:
MEDIA CONTACTS BELOW ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

here are a number of links you can email to regarding coverage about the animals:

-- short version to send emails, you can cut-and-paste: ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; '';


-- abc news -- when you click on the links on this page, they'll open to an email window which goes to the specific group/show -- http://abcnews.gocom/Reference/story?id=54216 .

-- good morning america

-- world news tonight

-- nightline news

-- primetime/2020


-- i sent the email to a few links --;;;; -- msnbc --;;;;;; -- cbs news -- -- -- ap wire

-- --;;; -- i sent to all in one email

-- -- http://www.usnewscom/usnews/usinfo/infomain.htm . --,0,847674.customform --,0,4456734.htmlstory -- choose national news -- washington post -- -- national editor

-- list of all writers who take email submissions -- -- washington times -- -- yahoo lists contacts for a number of local news --

-- great source to find almost all media -- Here are contacts that are helping locally in LA: Laura, ASPCA - New Orleans area LAURAL@ASPCA.ORG 434-589-1499 Laura is the closest contact I have found. They are taking information on animals that have been left and need rescue. They will need the addresses. Lafayette Parish Animal Control at: 337-291-5644 They are located in Lafayette, LA next to the Cajundome at Blackham Coliseum. They are taking in pets from evacuees These are the key organizations helping nationally: North Shore Animal League of America Has staging station in the parking lot of Greater Birmingham Humane Society Contact Jacque Meyer or Melissa Hull at 205-290-0055 The Humane Society of the United States United Animal Nations Noah's Wish Pets & Animals in Distress American Veterinary Medical Association

.Here are some of the microchip companies' information. Animals found with microchips have been safely placed and the owners need to call as they cannot reach the owners:




New Information in this email for a Red Cross shelter taking pets and needing animal supplies:

From: GinaPrnc
Red Cross Shelter Needs Supplies for Animals

Hi ,

Right now, our shelter does not have any animals, but we are ready with food, crates, etc. The evacuees were all brought here from the Super Dome in New Orleans. They were not allowed to bring their pets. I expect we will get some families that are staying in local hotels once they find out that we are taking pets.

Any donation above what we use here, will be dispersed among the many hurricane related rescues in the area. Packages can be sent to me through regular mail. It usually doesn't take too long.

Gina Prince

5814 Tippi Lane

New Iberia, LA 70560

Leslie Morrison

Novartis Pharmaceuticals - Transplant and Immunology

Tranplant Account Manager

615-969-7555 ------------------------------------------------------------------

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