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The Klystron is the device which enables the location of a target  through its capacity as an oscillator for locating and frequency  tracking, and for the transmission of voice messaging through its  adaptation as an amplifier and feedback loop between the input and  output cavities. It generates microwaves into the person through their  inhalation through the nasal cavity. A steady stream of electrons taken  in to the body’s system creates an internal magnetic field, which  together with the discharge of electricity through the nervous system –  the spinal cord – often applied at the back of the neck – sets down  electromagnetic fields which put the subject under the inescapable  control of the operator.

In common with the Magnetron the output can be taken from the Klystron  by means of a probe or into a waveguide designed for the operational  frequency. For use as an oscillator the output is coupled back to the  input by means of a short, internal loop, and under these conditions  the tube is most useful at frequencies in the 3,000 Mc/s range.
This means that that a ‘product’ from the captive’s body is taken away  from him or her and used and appropriated by the
Operators.  See Mass spectrometry, and more specifically, the use of  the product, as a forced, polarised and amplified cathode, ejected from  the body and transmitted back into the Klystron chamber, can be taken  out and treated by laser desorption.
Process,  and absorbed into the receiver’s physiology as their own  genetic characteristic. This is a vast commercial business.  Look up  Mass spectrometry.

There are already powerful laser accelerators which doe the location of  people trapped by the methods of the Klystron.  These laser can extract  body fluids whithout the person noticing anything, but you will notice  them flick their noses, as if some irritation was occurring, and it is  done at night while they are asleep.  There is a vast demand for stem  cells – the nasal mucous is an extraordinarily effective and adaptable  body plasma and can be used in regenerative medecine.
The plasma issue is dealt with in my paper “Atomic Mind”.

It is essential to grasp the nasal cavity as a means of injection and  extraction.  These are the closely guarded secrets of the new  controllers who see the population as the  last great mining resource  for the colonising of the people as a source for harvesting and for
empowering and enriching them.  You may, if you disbelieve, look up  your own research – look up Wikipedia on line/body plasma/nasal mucous.   But be warned. Thousands are being weakened daily and the recipients  invigorated and selling the surplus – and acquiring envied  characteristics which are spectrometised and carefully selected  according to desirability.  Look up :

“Adult stem cells isolated from the olfactory mucosa (cells lining the  inside of the nose involved in the sense of smell) have the ability to  develop into many different cell types. They appear to have the same  ability as embryonic stem cells in giving rise to many different cell  types but have the advantage that they can be obtained from all  individuals, even older people who might be most in need to stem cell  therapies…
Adult olfactory stem cells are readily obtainable from the nose and  relatively easy to grow and multiply in the lab. In a few weeks we can  make plenty of cells for transplantation.
An advantage of adult stem cells is that since they can be harvested  from the patient, potential ethical issues and immunogenic rejection  are averted….”
 (From: Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia.)

The nasal cavity also affords access to the brain stem which is  connected to the spine through the cerebrospinal fluids which flow  through the brain to the spine.  Some tumours occurring in the brain  are accessed surgically through the nasal cavity.  It is therefore  possible,  to take samples of cerebrospinal fluid.

People can also be murdered by the injection of poisonous gases by  laser – exactly the same technique.  Look up; Particle/Accelerator  Lasers/ Free Electron Lasers/ Stanford SLAC for power of accelerator  lasers to smash atoms – range thousands of miles/ excavate rocks to 250  feet in depth/penetrate any material on earth/ emit and eject brain  products/cells/ emit poisonous gas/transport back by fusion cooling  procedures.

The Klystron is a specialised vacuum tube which can be used as an  oscillator or amplifier at microwave and radio frequencies to produce  both low power reference signals for radar receivers, and to produce  high-power carrier waves for communications. It came into use around  1939, invented by  two brothers  working at Stanford University who  went on to commercialise the technology. Researchers in the US and the  UK then developed it. In a more powerful form it is the driving force  for  the New Linear Collider, which provides a million times the power  of an ordinary light bulb or about 75 thousand times the power of a  powerful kitchen microwave oven.. (See illustrations in reference list)

THE TWO-CAVITY AMPLIFIER KLYSTRON is readily turned into an oscillator  klystron by providing a feedback loop between the input and the output  cavities. Two cavity oscillator klystrons have the advantage of being  some of the lowest-noise microwave sources available, and for that  reason have often been used in the illuminator system of missile  targeting radars. This is the  model most commonly used privately. It  was designed for use in radar and military and satellite  communications, and operates at RF amp 0.0140 – 4 GHZ. They have been  employed in government use since 1939 in their earliest form.


Between the input or buncher grids and the catcher grids there is, when  the device is used as an oscillator, a feedback path. This enables an  input signal for transmission and reception by coupling back to the  input by a means of a short, internal loop. This is commonly used for  voice messaging from which the person on the receiving end is unable to  escape. Methods of relaying messages could be live interactive, or in  the form of taped messaging. The frequencies for this use are in the  3,000 Mc/s range. A signal applied at the buncher grids will be  amplified if the feedback path is removed. Often several modes of  oscillations can be observed in a klystron. This enables the distortion  and disguise, of the operator’s voice.

As a tool for political seduction, manipulation and control, and for  religious or ethnic incitement, the Klystron is an effective weapon. It  is the device most likely to be used for training assassins, and for  creating suicide bombers by highly sophisticated people with highly  developed social skills.


In common with the Magnetron the output can be taken from the Klystron  by means of a probe or into a waveguide designed for the operational  frequency. For use as an oscillator the output is coupled back to the  input by means of a short, internal loop, and under these conditions  the tube is most useful at frequencies in the 3,000 Mc/s range.

What is taken out with a probe, is the cathode which has entered the  Klystron chamber as an ion which has been forcibly polarised in the  ionisation process in the thermal heating of the captive’s body.  This  cathode  is a fuman product stolen by the operator of the Klystron who  has trapped  the human within this enforced enclosure by laying down  electromagnetic body fields – the violation of his body.  When  governments ban smoking, and continue to practice he enforcement of  inhaled intensified microwaves into the human body, and apply  electricity to mainain the EM fields they are committing violations,  and their smoking ban is clearly farcical in view of such practice.

These unspecified capacities – it is usual to warn people of potential  dangers when selling products which will harm people – and animals –  the latter being of very great concern to the people of Great Britain,  and the protests against their maltreatment is almost a daily national  issue  -    trapping of people, in a  compression state of Inertial  Electrostatic Confinement, bathed in microwaves receives no protest whatsoever.  This terrible practice produces a very  wide variety of symptoms and illnesses, and deprives the person of  their natural voluntary state of well being, which varies from feeling  unwell to feeling extremely ill and their immunity lowered to infection  and disease, and leukaemia and cancers; their eyes are damaged as the  eye has no protection against microwaves.  They are as if trapped in a  heated cage, a pressure cooker which forces  chemical changes in the  body’s chemistry, as electrons are ionised,  through manipulation of  the amplitudes of the sound waves.

The operator of the Klystron chamber can directly control  the body of  the trapped person by varying the heat,  compression, and amplitude of  the sound in the chamber which is a monitor for observing  the  conditions in the body. The operator can feed in voice messages to  increase the aggressive onslaught of the ionising microwave process, or  lower the pressure it in order to placate or win over the  captive. To  understand the  chemistry of the process imposed by the Klystron  applied to human biology, it  serves to imagine a positive cathode  being forcefully driven by force fields into a tin plate – the negative  anode which is given a positive charge in order for it to  absorb the  energy of the electron. The former descriptions of ionisation basically  apply.  (Ref: “Atomic Mind”,  C.Smith, 2005)

A cathode, that is, a person, (it could perhaps also be an animal or  groups of animals, or dolphins, the latter are of particular interest  in CIA experiments, and their recent appearances in great numbers close  to the shore, together with so many beached whales, needs to be  explored in terms of sonar signals of great force being carried; a  tesla-style experiment could also produce a tsunami)   either picked up  at random or as a deliberate target. (There are also microwave distance  meters easily acquired for us in estimation and location of targets.)   The target is prefocussed by an electrostatic emission of microwaves.  Strong electrostatic fields are necessary in the klystron for efficient  operation because the interaction of the signal and the electron beam  takes place in a very short distance.

The cathode, or person, is placed in alignment with a “cavity  resonance,” a form of hollow cylinder containing two gaps within which  the cathode stream, or the person’s magnetism, must pass. This  resonator is termed “the buncher.” The electrons, the person’s  molecules, now are dragged into the “drift tube” and finally enter a  second cavity resonator, referred to as the “catcher”, which are  represented as grids. The function of the Catcher Grids is to absorb  energy from the electron beam, the person’s energy. The catcher grids  are placed along the beam at a point* where the bunches are fully  formed. The location is determined by the transit time of the bunches  at the natural resonant frequency of the cavities (the resonant  frequency of the catcher cavit is the same as the buncher cavity).  The  location is chosen because maximum energy transfer to the output  (catcher) cavity occurs when the electrostatic field is of the correct  polarity to slow down the electron bunches, the accumulated energy of  the person. During this process, the direction of the field changes  with the frequency of the cavity. These changes alternately accelerate  and decelerate the electrons of the beam passing through the grids.

The area beyond the buncher grids is called the Drift Space The  electrons form bunches in this area when the accelerated electrons  overtake the decelerated electrons.

* When demarking the points where the bunching is to take place, 1.e.  the placing of the catcher grids, it is useful to refer to the model of  the stellerator which is described in “Atomic Mind”, a much used model  for physicists in need of a model to demonstrate dynamics, such as  hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics. With respect to body functions,  the double cavity Klystron is used for private perversions as the  operator can experiment to find the frequency of a human orifice.  Children, especially, are highly at risk to sexual abuse. This is, no  doubt, why there has been such reluctance to openly discuss the  versatility of the Klystron. There are also multi-cavity Klystrons for  the more ambitious amateur. It should nevertheless be said that  as a  form of sexual abuse, this practice effectively destroys the private  and sexual life of the trapped person. Many people have preferred to  end their lives than to live as a captive, being held permanently by a  sexual predator.
There are, apparently, people who do private  training courses for the  various uses of this device. It is without doubt that this aspect of  its usage has also been known to political leaders for many decades.

(See stellerator image for coils representing catcher grids placed  at  intersecting points for maximising magnetic field strengths. The image  below comes inexplicably, perhaps, with animated monkeys.)

Below is a reference list which gives extensive information, location,  and availability of Klystrons for sale, and for spare parts for handy men to assemble, and for them to dissemble.

There will no doubt be many who will claim that this is irresponsible  disclosure, and  government officials will surely raise their voices in  sanctimonious and hypocritical justification of  their lies, denials  and betrayals of victims of this terrible technology in precisely those  terms.  To support the continued uses of these devices – and although  there is no space in this statement to include the most modern forms of  abuse, there are techniques which allow , with the theft of body parts  and fluids by nanotechnology, modern accelerator lasers  and mass  spectrometry, to  remix the desired and stolen characteristics of a  targeted and defenceless person, and to incorporate those  characteristics through Gas-Phase Ion Thermochemistry, and  Photoelectron Spectroscopy. In short, to carry out fraudulent identity  theft of another person’s actual inherited – and formerly unique  -genetic characteristics. The present drive for Biometric Identity  Cards will do nothing to regulate this growing business amongst the  so-called ‘elite’.

Indeed, if these classified capabilities had been exposed decades ago,  individual freedom, and the right to own one’s own mind and brain,   would have been protected, and the incitement of racial and ethnic   hatred by voice messaging and manipulation, would not have gone without  due consideration as a factor in creating wars.

So many attempts have been made to alert the press and public about  these capacities - that  there exists the capacity for the incitement  of violence through compression, heat control which creates changes in  the body’s actual chemistry  through stripping of its ions by heating,   and the actual capacity to transmit messages to the trapped person  remotely  who cannot do other than receive them, and the control  of  his body.   It is as if  being tortured through the bars of a prison by  a prison officer who also could  literally control the body processes.

Protests about this invisible torture have been made for decades to  those in positions of public responsibility – but no one – barely  anyone – will believe the experience of another. They want solid proof.   The KLYSTRON is that proof that the capability exists.

CAROLE SMITH           
LONDON 6 August, 2005

Ref: “Atomic Mind: Human subject experimentations and nuclear physics  in search of a model.”
Carole Smith: copyright, August 21, 2005

References: (two cavity klystron) (multicavity klystron) (high  power for linear accelerator) - Klystron  collection in the Virtual Valve Museum ntquery;jsessionid=1cwtk4ks2v7ud?method=4&dsname=Wikipedia+Images&dekey= Klystron.jpg&gwp=8&sbid=lc03a Facilities/Neptune/Neptune_Documentation/klystronmount.htmlhttp://

Nanomanipulation and nanostructure fabrication with AFM, and other AFM  studies
Non-thermal, photon, and electron-induced chemistry

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