Phone mast protest stops traffic 11:00am Sunday 17th July 2005

CONCERNED protestors who are fighting plans for a mobile phone mast in Wanstead, took to the streets in their campaign to have it stopped.

Mobile Phone Mast Fury 9:30am Thursday 26th July 2001

A PLAN to put up a mobile phone mast on Wanstead Golf Course has been met with fury from nearby residents.

Phone mast rejected 3:05pm Wednesday 3rd July 2002

RESIDENTS in Woodford Green were heaving a sigh of relief on Tuesday night after a planning application for extension to a mobile phone mast was thrown out by councillors.

Mum blocks the mobile mast builders 11:00am Sunday 3rd July 2005

WANSTEAD residents campaigning against plans for a mobile phone mast are taking direct action and enlisting celebrity support after planning inspectors ruled against them.

Warning over mobile phone mast proposals 3:00am Thursday 29th July 2004

COUNCILLORS are losing control over the spread of mobile phone masts in Redbridge, according to Councillor Hugh Cleaver.

Mobile Phone Mast Fears Understandable 9:30am Thursday 26th July 2001

THE fears surrounding mobile phones and mobile phone masts are continuing to mount.

Residents angry at phone mast in sports centre 10:49am Thursday 20th November 2003

RESIDENTS of Overton Drive in Wanstead, more often caught up in disputes over traffic, are being united in opposition to a mobile phone mast.

School fights plan for mobile mast 3:00pm Saturday 28th May 2005

WORRIED parents claim drivers outside Snaresbrook Primary School will not be able to see children crossing the road if plans for a mobile phone mast are approved.

Mobile Phone Mast Plan 9:30am Thursday 9th August 2001

The Warren estate residents are quite right to oppose the application of BT Cellnet to erect a 22.5 metre high mobile phone mast on both health and environmental grounds. There is growing scientific evidence of the dangers of microwave transmissions, which it should be remembered have their foundation in weapons manufacture. While there is not yet conclusive evidence of the dangers caused by mobile phones and their masts few people are willing to accept reassurance from a government that has proved time and again that it will always put the interests of big business ahead of that of ordinary people. Remember BSE.

Phone mast plan vetoed 1:35am Wednesday 2nd June 2004

ANTI-PHONE mast campaigners in Wanstead have reacted with delight to a rare decision by the Planning Inspectorate to refuse permission for a phone mast.

Cancer death sparks mast fears 9:51am Thursday 11th April 2002

A CONCERNED resident gathered more than 50 signatures in just two hours opposing another mobile phone mast in Woodford Green.

Cancer death sparks mast fears 9:57am Thursday 11th April 2002

A CONCERNED resident gathered more than 50 signatures in just two hours opposing another mobile phone mast in Woodford Green.

Mast plans blocked 10:48am Thursday 18th April 2002

PLANNING applications for additional mobile phone mast equipment in Wanstead and South Woodford were unanimously rejected on Monday.

Mast opponents applaud council decision 3:10pm Thursday 21st October 2004

PEOPLE cheered and applauded councillors who refused plans for a mobile phone mast to be sited near a bowling club in Wanstead.