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A Torture Teach-in

Torture has been in the news for months now. But Kathryn Jonas was surprised how little most people knew about it when the St. Louis Student Area Coordinator organized a “Denounce Torture” week and teach-in on the campus of St. Louis University in early December.
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what's going onJoining Hands Around the World
From South Korea to South Dakota, student activists exercised their wrists for human rights December 10 and 11 as part of Amnesty International’s 24th Annual Global Write-A-thon. Many U.S. high school and college groups participated. So how did it go stateside?
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Tell us what's going on
So what have you been up to? We'd like to know. If you have a particularly interesting project you'd like us to tell other students about, an idea you'd like to share, or a success story you'd like to brag about, this is the space. Got something to say? Give us a shout.
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in brief
Check out the SHARE POWER Flash Movie
AIUSA’s Corporate Action Network has a cool, new flash movie.
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And The Winner Is . . .
The votes have been counted and the topic you chose for this year’s upcoming National Week of Student Action, is “Save Women’s Lives: Support the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).
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Teaching Human Rights to Kids
Joy Berry has written more than 250 children’s books, which collectively have sold more than 80 million copies. But she believes the most important book she may have written, is the one she just completed for Amnesty International.
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Make Some Noise!
Get ready to make some noise in 2006! Some of your favorite artists are performing classic John Lennon tracks in a mix of music, celebration and action in support of Amnesty International! Every track you download, every person you tell, and every action you take helps protect individuals wherever justice, freedom and equality are denied. Music can change the world, but only with your voice.
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There is still time to apply to the Youth Activist Kollege Planning Committee!
The deadline to apply for the Youth Activist Kollege Planning Committee (YAKPC) has been extended to January 20, 2006. YAKPC is for passionate and creative youth leaders who are interested in planning and running the Youth Action Kollege (YAK), the most innovative summer training program for youth activists.

New AI Report Corroborates ‘Black Sites’
Hard on the heels of media reports exposing the United States’ illegal detention of prisoners at secret detention facilities worldwide, Amnesty International released a new report on November 7 detailing the detention of three Yemeni nationals who had “disappeared” into the labyrinth of U.S.-run secret detention facilities in 2003..
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Eco Activist Freed
Mexican environmental activist and prisoner of conscience Felipe Arreaga was released on September 15. Amnesty International believes his arrest was in retaliation for his peaceful struggle to prevent excessive logging of forests. He had been an Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience.
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Help Stop U.S. Torture
Recommit yourself to help stop torture in 2006 by making your new year's resolution to take action against abuse and ill-treatment in the “war on terror.”
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Calendar of Events
You want involvement? You've got involvement! Check out the calendar below for a complete listing of cool events, deadlines not to be missed, road trips and opportunities for action.
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Music for Human Rights
Raise Cash To Attend The AGM
You’ve been working hard all year. You’ve organized your Human Rights Day Write-A-thon, demonstrated against torture, held your Jamnesty concert, participated in the National Week of Student Action.You are almost out of cash. But the AGM is coming, AIUSA’s biggest event of the year, bringing together activists from all over the country and the world for a weekend of workshops, panels, distinguished speakers, powerful testimonies, discussion, debate, working parties and just plain fun!
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