Betreff: Seal Slaughter: Canada, Tell the Truth!
Von: Lauren A., Care2 Animals & Environment Alerts
Datum: 16 Mar 2006 13:26:34 -0800

Premier Danny Williams recently lied about the cruel conditions of Canada's seal hunt during a "Larry King Live" interview. Tell Canada's government to come clean about what's really happening on the ice.
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Take Action!

In just a few weeks, the largest slaughter of marine mammals is set to begin on the ice off Canada's East Coast.

Over 300,000 seals, mostly babies, will be bludgeoned or shot to death for their fur.
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But the income generated by the commercial seal hunt doesn't go as far as the Canadian government would like you to think; it accounts for less than one percent of Newfoundland's GDP - an average of only $1,000 per sealer.

What's worse, the seals are slaughtered in the most inhumane fashion during the hunt - routinely clubbed or shot and left to suffer on the ice, then dragged over the side of boats with sharpened metal hooks. Some are even skinned alive.
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When Danny Williams, Premier of Labrador and Newfoundland, was given the chance to tell the truth about the hunt during a recent episode of "Larry King Live" on CNN, he chose instead to lay false claims about the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and their documentation of the hunt's cruelty.

Claiming to speak on behalf of Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Williams said: "IFAW representatives, veterinarians and other experts have said the seal hunt is humane."

The truth? There isn't a single reputable "expert" or "veterinary group" that has observed the seal hunt and called it humane. In fact, IFAW experts concluded the slaughter to be inherently cruel and horrific.
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Doesn't the public at least deserve to know the facts about how baby seals are being killed?

Join IFAW and activists from around the world in urging Canada's Prime Minister to tell the truth about what's really happening on the ice.

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Thanks for your action today.

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