Betreff: US/Japan Slaughtering Tens of Thousands
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Japan Dolphin Day: A Moment of Truth!

"ALL the evidence speaks that Dolphins are more human, have greater souls, than homo sapiens sapiens." Millennium Twain Nagano, Japan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 26.09.2005 13:58:16 A worthy cause! 

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From: Penelope Smith
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Dear Animal  Lover,

Below is the latest update from Ric  O'Barry, Marine Mammal Specialist,
about the Japan Dolphin Day  demonstrations at Japanese embassies
around the world on October 8 at  noon local time. Here is a summary
of the event from previous e-mails so  you are completely informed on
this important  event.

I am participating in the San Francisco  embassy demo at Noon on
October 8. The dolphins and whales have  communicated that this
event is pivotal in raising humanity's  consciousness and will have a
positive impact on millions of people to end all slaughter.

Japan Dolphin  Day, October  8th, 2005: Protest the Slaughter

WHAT: An international day  of protest has been organized to urge the
Japanese authorities to ban  the slaughter of dolphins.

WHEN: October 8th, 2005 Noon local  time (wherever you are)

WHERE: Worldwide

WHY: Every year,  fishermen in Japan hunt and kill about  20,000 dolphins and
other whales in the most brutal way imaginable. This  is the largest massacre
of dolphins anywhere in the world. The fishermen  say they kill the dolphins
primarily as a form of "pest control." They  say the dolphins eat too many
fish, and that they are simply eradicating  the competition. We need to let them
know that these crimes against  nature are unacceptable to the rest of the
world. Help us send a  powerful message to the Japanese dolphin hunters
and their government:  STOP THE DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER.

OUR GOAL: Our goal is to make this  the biggest global protest against the
dolphin slaughter in history. 

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: Everyone! This event is not limited to  animal
protection organizations. NGOs, schools, music bands, various  clubs, businesses and
concerned citizens are encouraged to show up.  Please
contact your friends and neighbors, local schools, civic clubs  and anyone
else you can think of. Ask people to join us at noon on  October 8th at a
Japanese embassy or consulate office near  you.

HOW: It's simple. Click on the link below. It will take you  to a list of
Japanese embassies around the world. Choose one and let  them
know how you feel about the dolphin murder/genocide: Addresses of US embassies and  consulate offices can be found here: OR: Take a look at the list  below. Is a protest being organized in a city you can travel to? If so,  join them. We need TENS OF THOUSANDS of non-violent, peaceful protesters  in front of Japanese embassies around the world on October 8th.  Please read the update from Ric  O'Barry below. Thank you for caring about the dolphins and us all.  Penelope Smith _www.animaltalk.net_ (
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From: Richard O'Barry

Sent:  Wednesday, September 21, 2005 12:45  PM

Subject:  Japan Dolphin Day: A Moment  of Truth

Japan Dolphin Day:  A  moment of truth for Japanese dolphin  lovers

By Ric O'Barry, One  Voice-France

Every year from September through April with approval of the US and Japan
governments --many Japanese fishermen ---in selected hidden villages -- eradicate about
20,000 dolphins and other whales in the most brutal way
imaginable. This is the largest deliberate massacre of dolphins anywhere
in the world. The fishermen have said they kill our dolphin sister/brothers
primarily as a form of "pest control." They say dolphins eat too many fish
and business needs to eradicate the competition. 

If the fishermen didn't  get a permit from Tokyo, they would have to stop the
killings immediately. The fisherman told us they would then switch  to
fishing for lobster or something similar. One of the younger  fishermen in Taiji
said the younger generation of fishermen don't really want to murder dolphins
any longer. It's only the older guys who want to continue the  practice.

We need to let the Japanese  authorities know that these cruel and inhumane
dolphin massacres are  unacceptable to the rest of the world. Therefore, our
coalition has  initiated a world-wide protest to send a powerful message to the 
Japanese government: STOP THE DOLPHIN  SLAUGHTER.

The Japanese government and  the fishermen say dolphin hunting is part of
Japanese culture. In  reality, however, the majority of the Japanese population
doesn't know  the dolphin slaughter exists. If they knew, they would help us
stop  it. Our team has traveled to Japanese fishing  villages several times to
document and expose the dolphin massacres to the Japanese people, and
the fishermen have done all they can to hide  their bloody work from our
cameras. They don't want the Japanese people  to know the truth. "It's none
of their business," are their exact words. 

Our Japanese colleagues tell  us that pressure on the government from
concerned citizens can stop the  dolphin slaughter. We believe this to be a
good strategy -- and a  peaceful one, too. So why not give the Japanese
decision-makers some serious media pressure from outside and inside
of  Japan? The goal is to make  this the biggest global protest against the
annual dolphin  slaughter in history, and we hope that everyone who is
opposed to  the dolphin slaughter will show up for a peaceful demonstration
on  October 8th. This includes people in Japan. We need  your  help in making
the international day of protest  successful. It's time for all of the Japanese
people who respect nature  to stand up and take action. There are many
groups in  Japan who say that they "love dolphins and want to protect them."

NOW is the time to abolish  this cruel practice once and for all. If not now,
then  WHEN?

Please note  that this will be an all-inclusive event. In other words, the 
protests will not take place under the umbrella of any one group.

To pull this off, we need  TENS OF THOUSANDS of non-violent, peaceful
protesters in front of  Japanese embassies around the world. We also
need tens of thousands of  Japanese people to take a stand on this
urgent issue. We suggest that Japanese NGOs get organized and hold
their own protests in the locations  where you will be heard by the Nippon
media and, ultimately, the bankers who run the economy.

The event is not limited to  animal protection groups, and we would like to
add some Japanese schools  and civic groups to the list. Japanese children
should be educated about  this issue and be given the opportunity to participate
in the global  effort to stop the dolphin slaughter. What a great learning 
experience for a child that would be, especially if they actually won as  a
result of their efforts. The Japanese government and dolphin  hunters expect
environmental/animal protection groups to protest the  dolphin slaughter. They
don't, however, expect regular people  to speak out. They especially don't expect
Japanese people to  protest. This is why we are asking you to please contact 
your friends and neighbors, local schools and civic clubs. Ask them to  take a
stand on this urgent issue. Show up to protest the dolphin  slaughter at 12
noon on October  8th.

More  information: _www.savetaijidolphins.org_

LIST of PARTICIPANTS  -  Shouldn't your groups name be listed here?

*Action Against Poisoning ~  Den Haag  
*Americas Whale Alliance ~ San  Francisco
*Animal Defenders of  Westchester ~ New  York
*Animal Friends ~  Croatia 
*Animalisti Italiani Onlus ~  Rome
*Animal Voices Radio, CIUT  89.5 FM ~ Toronto 
*Anima Mundi ~ San Francisco 
*Animals ~  Seattle 
*Animal Welfare Institute  ~Washington  DC
*Animanaturalis ~ Buenos Aires, Lima, Yucatan
*'Awha'y Moon ~  California
*Bite Back ~ Brussels
*Blue Voice ~ San  Francisco   
*Born Free Foundation ~  London 
*British Divers Marine Life  Rescue ~ London
*Campaign Whale ~ London 
*Captive Animals Protection  Society ~ London 
*Captive Dolphin Awareness  Foundation ~ Huston
*Catastrophes ~ London 
*Cetacean Defense ~  London
*Cetacean Society  International ~ New  York
*Comarino ~ Mexico City 
*Committee for a  Dolphinarium-Free Belgium ~ Brussels
*Committee to Abolish Sport  Hunting ~ New  York  
*Dolphin Encountours ~  Mozambique 
*Dolphin Project ~ Miami 
*Dolphin Protection  Coalition ~ Vancouver BC
*Delphis ~ Rome 
*Diana Thater Studio ~  Los  Angeles 
*Earth Island Institute ~  San Francisco, Manila, Solomon Islands 
*EcoTerra ~ Nairobi 
*EDEV ~ Den Haag 
*Environmental Investigative  Agency ~ London 
*Fundacion Altarriba ~  Barcelona 
*GAIA ~ Brussels 
*Georgia Animal Rights and  Protection ~ Atlanta 
*Green Beings Animation  Studio ~ San  Francisco
*Guardios dos Animais ~  Brasilia
*Hong Kong Dolphin  Conservation Society ~ Hong Kong 
*HSUS ~ Washington DC
*In Defense of Animals ~  San  Francisco
*International Animal Rescue  ~ London 
*Irish Seal Sanctuary ~  Dublin 
*Last Chance for Animals ~  Los  Angeles
*League Of The Last Days ~  WorldWide
*Marine Connection ~  London 
*Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition ~ Boston 
*Morigenos ~  Slovenia
*NYC Pigeon People ~  New  York
*New  York Whale and Dolphin Action League ~ New  York
*NYC Wildlife Watch ~  New  York
*Nomades des Oceans ~  Paris 
*Ocean Defense International  ~ San  Francisco
*One Voice ~ Paris,  Marseille, Strasburg, Miami 
*Orca Network ~ Seattle 
*Philippine Society for  Animal Protection ~ Manila
*Rattle the Cage ~ Miami 
*Re-Earth ~ Nassau 
*Reseau-Cetaceas ~ Paris, Strasbourg
*Rio Rossellino Studio ~ Kaikoura, NZ
*RSPCA ~ London  
*Sonoma People for Animal Rights ~ San Francisco 
*Sea Shepherd Conservation  Society ~ Vienna, Brussels, Paris, London, Den
Haag, Strasburg, Chicago,  Denver, Detroit, Honolulu, Miami, Portland, Los
Angeles, New York, San  Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, Vancouver BC 
*Sasha Farm ~ Detroit  
*SHARK ~ Chicago
*Sea Flow ~ San  Francisco
*Sea Vita ~ Caracas 
*Sonic Cowboys ~ Miami  
*SOS Grand Bleu ~  Marseille
*Thursdays Child ~ San  Francisco
*United Action for Animals ~  New  York
*WDCS ~ London
*Wellington Animal Rights Network ~ Wellington  NZ
*Whale Workshop ~ London 
*Wild Earth Foundation ~  Buenos  Aires
*WSPA ~ London 
*Zoo Check  Canada ~ Toronto 

"Eighty percent of success  is showing up"
Woody Allen 

Richard O'Barry
Marine  Mammal Specialist
One Voice-France
Miami Florida Office
305-668  4834 More on Richard O'Barry: In  the 1960s, O'Barry captured and trained dolphins, including the five  dolphins who played the role of Flipper in the TV series. When Cathy,  the dolphin who played Flipper most of the time, died in his arms, O'Barry realized that capturing dolphins and training them to perform  silly tricks is simply wrong. He founded the Dolphin Project, dedicated  to freeing captive dolphins who were viable candidates and educating  people throughout the world to the plight of dolphins in captivity. He  launched a searing campaign against the billion dollar dolphincaptivity  industry, telling the public what was really going on at dolphin shows.  Today, O'Barry is the Marime Mammal Specialist for One Voice, a leading  French animal protection group. To recognize his contribution, in 1991 O'Barry received the 'Environmental Achievement Award' presented by the  Committee for the United Nations Environmental Program (US/UNEP). His  books include 'Behind the Dolphin Smile' and ''To Free A Dolphin'.