Von: PEACE 25
Datum: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 21:07:01 -0700 (PDT)
An: The Citizens Who Care


With the Encouragement of the Neo-Cons, Japan is quickly
Reversing its Pacific Constitution and Resuming its
Militarism. By the year 2020, Japan will have the HIGHEST

For the sake of the World Peace and Humanity, we urge
you to write this Very URGENT letter NOW to BLOCK
Japanese Nuclear Weapons Development while UN members
are still in the meeting for a couple of more days.

Enclosed is an important SAMPLE LETTER for your
references and CONTACT Information. EVERY

@@@ : Due to the Importance and Urgency of this
letter, we urge you to write this letter RIGHT NOW !!!
Or at least complete it in the Next Couple of Days !!!

@@@: We urge you to Write your own letters and express
YOUR OWN OPINIONS on this important issue.
Or you may change our Subject line a little bit if you wish.
Thanks so much for your efforts for World's Peace and Justice .

In order to be able to send to all of the email addresses
listed in our "CONTACT LIST" below, you must delete the
"space" between "@ " and the first character after that
if there is one before you send your letter .

If you like our messages, please go to Yahoo Egroup
to direct the email to your INBOX . Because we may
not list the contacting addresses clearly in the future. THANKS.

SAMPLE LETTER : (Please place your Name, City, State, and
Name of your Country at the Beginning and End of your letter. Thanks.)

NOTE: The following Sample Letter is based on our opinions
and published information.

From: Your Name,
Your City,
Your State, Your Zip Code
Your Country's Name.


Dear IAEA and UN Representative and Staff,

In light of the U.S. Government Exerting ALL its
"Strategies" to Block North Korea and Iran's "Any" possible
nuclear program, we are So SHOCKED to see that the U.S.
Government Shuts its eyes on Japan's Astronomical Nuclear
Weapon's Threat.
Japan, Soon with 145,000 KG of the Weapons Grade
Plutonium in hand, would have the Ability to make perhaps
more than 25,000 Nuclear Bombs which is Enough to
We, as concerned Citizens and Voters, Present our Urgent
Requests to you regarding Japan's Massive Inventory of
Weapon-Usable PLUTONIUM :

1: Please STOP and DESTROY Japan's Accumulating
Weapons-Usable PLUTONIUM in a Verifiable Way.
2: We ask IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)
to Strictly Restrict and Supervise ALL Japanese Accumulated
Weapons -Usable Plutonium in a Verifiable Way Permanently.

Despite obvious massive attacking (even Insults or Threats)
from the U.S. Neo-Cons and so many Western Media on North
Korea and Iran's possible nuclear programs including any
Peaceful Nuclear Energy program, the IAEA and the UN Will
totally LOSE ITS "CREDIBILITY" IF NOT Address Japanese
Massive Weapons-Usable PLUTONIUM NOW .

First of ALL, Japan's Desire for Nuclear Weapons is NOT
the RESULT of any if its neighbor country's recent economic or
military improvement. Reports said that even as early as in the
fall of 1940, the Japanese army concluded that constructing an
Atomic Bomb was indeed feasible. The Institute of Physical and
Chemical Research, or Rikken, was assigned the project under the
direction of Yoshio Nishina. The Japanese Navy was also creating
its own "SUPERBOMB" under a project F-Go at the end of World War II. On September 8, 2005, some nuclear experts wrote in "Japan Focus" : "Sixty years ago the Japanese city of Nagasaki was destroyed by one nuclear bomb containing Five Kilograms of Plutonium. Japan reportedly now has one of the Largest Stocks of Weapons- Usable Plutonium in the World (45,000 Kilograms and growing) as well as access to the Most Advanced Missile Technology. This is NOT by Accident but Design. Deliberate POLICY established in the late 1960s by senior Politicians was aimed at acquiring the Nuclear Material required for Atomic Bombs, and the Means to Deliver them........ Japan has already become a de facto Nuclear Weapons state. " " .... Today NOT one gram of Japanese plutonium is loaded into commercial nuclear power reactors. Now, Japan's plutonium supply has run out of control, with total plutonium stocks now at more than 45 Metric Tons - a Fivefold Rise from the early 1990s. This could RISE to More than 100 TONS within the next 15 years. " " With plans to start up the US$21 billion Rokkasho plant, Japan will have a Reprocessing Capacity Only Equaled by the World's Largest Nuclear Weapons states. " The Japanese government's "no plutonium stockpile" policy now has become a BIG LIE !! Reports said that " If we add Japan's current available Plutonium stockpile (45,000 KG) to the cumulative supply of Plutonium from Rokkasho operations through to 2020 (100,000 KG), by 2020 Japan's Plutonium stockpile will reach 145 METRIC TONS." " It is clear that JAPAN has become the World's LARGEST HOLDER OF WEAPONS-USABLE PLUTONIUM, FAR SURPASSING that contained in the United States Nuclear Weapons Arsenal of 100 TONS. " Japan Can Convert their Plutonium to Nuclear Bombs in LESS THAN 1 YEAR according to Japanese own former politicians. JAPAN's PLUTONIUM IS A DRIVE FOR PROLIFERATION. Japan is Not a member of the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty ). Report said that "Diplomatic cable from the US ambassador to Japan, to US Secretary of State Warren Christopher, March 1993, stated : " Can Japan expect that if it embarks on a massive Plutonium recycling program that Korea and other nations would not press ahead with reprocessing programs ? Would not the perception of Japan's being Awash in Plutonium and Possessing Leading Edge Rocket Technology Create Anxiety in the region? " A recent Report said that "Japan's existing Plutonium Program is a DRIVE FOR NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION in the East Asian region and further afield. For example, IRAN has Cited Rokkasho to support its case for being permitted to complete its uranium enrichment plant at Natanz. " Regardless whether North Korea's or Iran's nuclear program exist or not, in our Opinion, the Most Effective Way to Reduce their Incentives to develop their nuclear program is to Demand Japan to STOP and DESTROY All of Its WEAPONS-USABLE PLUTONIUM in a VERIFIABLE WAY Permanently. Sadly, the US government, Controlled by the Neo-Cons, Ignorantly pushes Japan to Revive its MILITARISM. For many Decades , the US appears to have been supplying Japan with the Most Advanced Arms Technology. A few months ago, some US Neo-Con think tank was even Inciting Japan to Develop its Nuclear Bombs. (for the purpose to Revive its Fascism??!!) We now have No Doubt that Japan is Actively Developing its Nuclear Bombs. Some reports showed that the Japanese Military Budget is the Second Highest in the World after the U.S. Japan's Intention is very Dangerous. Japan's Hard-liners also frequently Crush PEACE Activists : IS THE U.S. INNOCENT IN NUCLEAR WEAPONS ISSUE ?? While Angry at North Korea and Iran's possible nuclear program, the U.S. HAS ITSELF TO BLAME. Being a Superpower, America is supposed to Lead the World to Reduce Its Own Nuclear Arms First. However, the U.S. itself is Now Acting to Destroy the Nuclear Reduction program. This appears to be seen in the following FACTS : 1: The U.S. Refuses to join the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. 2: The U.S. is moving to turn Nuclear Weapons into more "practical" weapons such as small-yield mini-NUKES and Earth Nuclear Penetrators. 3: Further, In 2002, in the first reduction agreement of its kind in nearly a decade, the U.S. and Russia signed a treaty to cut their deployed strategic nuclear forces by approximately two-thirds to 1,700-2,200 warheads each by 2012. But even with this treaty, some Reports said that the Nuclear Weapons will ONLY BE MOTHBALLED -- NOT DESTROYED -- and NO VERIFICATION PROCEDURES ARE PROVIDED. 4: IT IS THE MOST DANGEROUS MOVE OF ALL that the US Neo-Con Extremists in the Pentagon and White House recently have been Pushing to Lower the Threshold of using Nuclear Arms and to LEGALIZE its Deadly "NUCLEAR PREEMPTIVE STRIKE" DOCTRINE . JAPAN'S NUKES WILL DESTROY the WORLD !! Even Without a Nuclear Bomb, Japan had slaughtered perhaps more than 45 Million Asians (including 35 Millions in China) during the 1930's to 1940's. Now, with the convenience of Nuclear Bombs, Japan's Rising Militarism, with its vast Wealth in the World, its Most Advanced Technological Capability and its Accumulation of the Most Weapon-Usable PLUTONIUM In the World, Could Easily DESTROY the ENTIRE WORLD !! It is WRONG for the IAEA, the U.S. and the Rest of the World to Keep QUIET on Japan's Weapon-Usable Plutonium. For the Sake of World's Humanity, Peace and Prosperity, Please STOP and DESTROY Japan's PLUTONIUM, Nuclear Weapon Programs Permanently Now Before it is too late for everyone. Thanks. Sincerely, Your Name, Your Street Name, Your City, Your State, Zip code Your Country, @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ CONTACT INFORMATION : There are about 5 Categories of the Contacts. All of the following CONTACTS are so URGENT to Reach . PLEASE BE POLITE IN ALL YOUR LETTERS !!! ******** SPECIAL ATTENTION ******** In order to be able to send to all of the email addresses below, you must delete the "space" between "@ " and the first character after that if there is one. 1: It is extremely IMPORTANT to Contact UNITED NATIONS to let them know Your Opinions NOW : Please address to : Dear IAEA and UN Representative and Staff , Please COPY the following list and then PASTE in the BCC field in your Email. *** ATTENTION ****: a: It must have a comma between addresses. b: It is a suggestion to you to divide the following list into smaller lists contains for no more than 50 email addresses in your BCC field for each SEND. 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them know Your Opinions NOW !!!

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( @@@ NOTE: In our Sample letter above, you may change "....U.S. Government" to "...Our Government" IF you live in the United States. ) Please REMOVE the space between "@" and the first character after that in the email address if there is one before you send : Please address to : Dear Honorable Senator , or Dear Senator , or Dear Congressman , * Senator Bill Frist, Majority Leader : Fax: (202) 228-1264. Email: * Senator Harry Reid , Minority Leader , * Senator Chuck Hagel (R) 202-224-4224 402-758-8981 * Senator Susan Collins : Chairman of Homeland Security , Fax: (202) 224-2693 * Congressman Nancy Pelosi , sf.nancy@ , * Senator John Kerry : * Sen. Pete Domenici, Chairman of Energy & Natural Resources : * Sen. Jeff Bingaman, Ranking member of Senate Energy Committee : senator_bingaman@ , * Sen. Thad Cochran , Chairman of Appropriations Committee : * Senator Richard Lugar, CHAIRMAN OF SENATE FOREIGN RELATIONSHIP COMMITTEE . Please send a FAX and an EMAIL to him !!! 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