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This is the 10th installment of the Canadian SWEEP Initiative e-bulletin (Safe
Wireless, Electric and Electromagnetic Policy). This newsletter serves as a
roundup of what has been occurring on the EMF/EMR awareness and advocacy front
in Canada. Please send me Canadian links and stories.

SWEEP is assisted by the Breast Cancer Research and Education Fund of Niagara:
we couldn't do this without your foresight and generous support.

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Welcome to all our new list members.

3. CBC TV REPORT ON CELL PHONES AND EHS, submitted by Don Maisch, Olle
Johansson, and Louis Slesin
4. STOP-EMF UPDATE, submitted by Richard Johnson
5. HYDRO UTILITIES UNDER THE WIRE, submitted by Richard Johnson
6. AN EHS TESMONIAL, from the archives of Robert Riedlinger
7. THE GARAGE DOOR ‘MYSTERY’, submitted by EMF Canada
8. WEBSITES AND LINKS from Martin Weatherall
11. EMFS AND PROPERTY VALUES, submitted by Richard Johnson

We have been developing the format for the SWEEP website and have determined
that it will consist of a series of question organized by theme (RF, EMF, DIRTY
will be helping us secure experts to answer these questions. I will be
compiling a list of questions over the next month and then sending them out to
the list for your verification. If you would like to contribute questions or
flag areas of concern, please mail me at We would like to
have this website operational by late winter.

Thanks to those list members who are already writing short introductory pieces
on various topics, we will include these on the site as well of course.

Citizens' Initiative Omega
Member of the Buergerwelle Germany (incorporated society)
Protectorate Union of the Citizens and Initiatives for the Protection
against Electrosmog
Mail them at : EMFacts Consultancy Webblog on EM Pollution: sign up at: A French News Service often with excellent photographs: Suscribe by mailing 3. CBC TV REPORT ON CELL PHONES AND EHS, submitted by Don Maisch, Olle Johansson, and Louis Slesin Dear Colleagues: Radio (TV) Canada's news program "Decouverte" [Discovery] broadcast a two-part news show on EMFs last Sunday (Nov.20) evening. You can watch both shows on Radio Canada's Web site: The first part is on cell phones and kids and their risk of developing acoustic neuromas and brain tumors. Also cited is the University of Lund work showing that microwave radiation can lead to leakage through the blood-brain barrier. The second part is on electrosensitivity. Among those on the show are: Igor Belyaev Lennart Hardell Olle Johansson Leif Salford Per Segerback --all of Sweden, as well as Sir William Stewart in the U.K. Sir William calls the marketing of phones to kids younger than eight "grotesque." I was also interviewed. Note that the show is in French. Best, Louis Slesin 4. STOP-EMF UPDATE, submitted by Richard Johnson See press release and decision LINK: We now have a solution to our power supply needs for at least five to nine years, however we have to wonder why today's solution was not implemented in 2002 when the Armitage TS in Newmarket passed its reliability thresholds. This is the least expensive ($10 to $14M), the fastest and most environmentally friendly alternative. We also needed the TS capacity in any event. There was a completely false sense of urgency concerning the power supply needs as painted by Hydro One and the Mayors of Aurora and Newmarket. As STOP and the Task Force has stated for over 18 months, there was always a quick fix and the very demand that was creating the urgency in the fist place was as a direct result of the development approvals of the local councils in question. So much for "smart growth" ! It remains to be answered why the Mayors of Aurora and Newmarket continued to approve development without addressing power reliability needs or the concerns of the public, considering they sat on the power distribution company boards and at the same time approved development without addressing the need for the required infrastructure. In fact, neither Mayor played an active roll in working with the public in order to find a solution (I assume that they preferred closed door meetings). Public concerns expressed for over 18 months have been largely validated by the OPA recommendations and the recent OEB ruling. Hydro One's preferred transmission solution was not even on the list of 42 alternatives identified by the OPA after their extensive four month public consultation process. The OEB needs to still rule on the other two recommendations made by the OPA on September 30th. The recommendation to encourage conservation is a given. The only remaining question is how and if a local generation solution will be found. If the likes of Northland Power can not find a site to construct a peaking plant on and / or if they are unable to negotiate an acceptable power purchase agreement with the OPA then a transmission solution will be back on the table for delivery as early as 2011. The OPA recommended that the preferred transmission solution, should it be required, would be a route from Markham to a proposed new TS in Gormley. Feeder lines would then be run up the arterial roads to serve north eastern York Region. We also remain uncertain if undergrounding lines will form a part of any long term transmission solution. A second transformer will also likely be required in Aurora (near Pedersen) at some point in the not too distant future (i.e. 5 years +/-) and we have no idea how environmental concerns such as aesthetics will be mitigated against in order to protect the impacted residents on the existing line. Up to 2 km of new lines may be required to hook up to Armitage if the Aurora TS is built. Gaps in the planning process and environmental concerns remain outstanding. Only new design and development standards will avoid future conflicts similar to the one we have experienced. Thanks to everyone who cared enough to make a difference !!!! We could not have achieved today's outcome without a broad base of support !!! Please see for further details.


5. HYDRO UTILITIES UNDER THE WIRE, submitted by Richard Johnson Plan to solve energy demands must be outlined in two weeks King transformer will be constructed, energy board says Nov 24, 2005 The Ontario Energy Board has ordered York Region's hydro utilities to build a station at the Holland Junction in King Township as soon as possible. The announcement, which came late yesterday, also orders the utilities to provide a plan on how much the project will cost and how it will be implemented. A new transformer station in King is good news, but only for the short term, one Aurora resident says. "It's definitely a step in the right direction, but I'm not breaking out the champagne yet," said Richard Johnson, a member of a task force on York Region's energy needs. "We need a long-term solution." The new station is expected to meet electricity needs from 2011 to 2014, Mr. Johnson said. It is still not clear how the region will meet demand after that. He is looking forward to further board rulings concerning a long-term conservation plan and local generation scheme, two solutions recommended by the Ontario Power Authority. Local generation would solve the supply problems for 25 to 30 years, Mr. Johnson said. In fact, a local company has been working for three years on a plan to produce power at peak times of the day. Holland Junction was one of three sites selected earlier this year by area utilities after the province's electricity system operator found population growth had surpassed the region's power capacity.
Initially, Hydro One planned to meet the need by boosting the size of
transmission lines through a hydro corridor that runs through Markham and
Aurora to Newmarket.
However, residents fought the plan and convinced the power supplier to consider
alternatives. A working group of York Region residents recommended the King
transformer site to the power authority in August.
Though area municipalities and the hydro companies serving them supported the
proposed site, King Township requested some conditions be fulfilled, such as
reducing environmental damage and limiting the size of the transformer.
The township will be working to ensure those conditions are met, King Mayor
Margaret Black said, adding she was pleased an environmental assessment will be
While Ms Black accepts the need for the station now, she expects other
municipalities to do their share in coming years.
"Council felt there is an energy crisis and it appears to be proven and it
affects York Region, including us. We're not the main instigator-- we've had
very little growth -- but, at this point, the chance of blackouts and brownouts
is high," she said.
"We are part of York Region and we accept being part of the solution."
Mr. Johnson said his excitement at today's news is also tempered by the fact
the station could have been approved three years ago, when councils were
approving further growth without facing the need for more power. "It was a
self-inflicted emergency," he said.
The board has ordered area utilities PowerStream, Newmarket Hydro and Hydro One
Networks Inc. to submit a detailed construction plan for the station by Dec. 7.
The plan will outline the scope and estimated cost of the work, plus a schedule
of expected completion dates for major stages of the project.

6. AN EHS TESMONIAL, from the archives of Robert Riedlinger.
(as we move towards a survey of EHS in Canada, please begin making lists of
contact info for the EHS folks you know)
I read your article about the electronic effects from cell towers before I had
one. Now that there is a cell tower 600 feet from my home I understand it much
greater. I am wondering if you know of anything that can help with the pain
that it causes in your ears? Also, do you know if the great amount of pain we
experience is because the emissions are higher than the FCC's guidelines. I am
just asking for a guess on this, unless you know more. You are the only person
I have seen that knows anything about the electronic effect and any suggestions
you can offer would greatly be appreciated. When one ear faces the tower it is
extremely painful, at night it is hard to sleep when this happens. I have never
had a ear problem or infection in my life and none of this started until the
antenna was operational on the tower.

7. THE GARAGE DOOR ‘MYSTERY’, submitted by EMF Canada Mystery signal blocking Ottawa door devices Last Updated Fri, 04 Nov 2005 09:37:24 EST CBC News Many automatic garage doors in Ottawa have suddenly, and strangely, stopped working, due to a powerful radio signal that appears to be interfering with the remote controls that open them. J.P. Cleroux of Ram Overhead Door Systems says the phenomenon began last weekend. "It affects a 25-mile radius. That's huge," said Cleroux. Angolan Ambassador Miguel Puna's operation is one of those affected by the problem. He can no longer open his embassy's electronic gate. "Not only in this gate, but even other gates, we are having a lot of problems," said Puna. "This could cause security concerns." Two companies that have plotted the reported problems on maps say they appear to cluster in the Byward Market area just east of Parliament Hill, and a corridor leading southeast from there. The Door Doctor has received more than 100 calls from irate customers who can't operate their doors using the usual remotes. The company installs and services Liftmasters, the most popular door opener in North America, which operates by radio frequency. The signal is transmitted on the 390-megahertz band, which is used by virtually all garage door openers on the continent. That's the same frequency used by the U.S. military's new state-of-the-art Land Mobile Radio System. Cleroux said operators have already been warned of this phenomenon by service updates from U.S. manufacturers, who started seeing the same problem around military bases last summer. The strong radio signals on the 390-megahertz band simply overpower the garage door openers. One technician likened it to a whisper competing with a yell. "From what we hear, it is the American Embassy that's operating on 390, and they're the only ones who can block it. But I'm not 100 per cent sure, because we're all kind of up in the air until we know exactly what's going on," said Cleroux. The U.S. Embassy denies any transmissions on that frequency. So does the Canadian military. 8. WEBSITES AND LINKS from Martin Weatherall EMF Site worth reviewing: Revolt LINK: $17.5 million award in recent stray voltage case. The page should be read from the bottom up: Cancer and other health damage caused by a modern police communications system: French book on electromagnetic pollution: Electrosensitivity - How to diagnose it and what advice to give your patients. Dr. David Dowson. Electrical Pollution Info Page A very good presentation from Europe. 9. CONCERN OVER BROADBAND OVER POWER LINE, submitted by Hans Karow Health concerns with Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) 10. JOHANSSON’S WORK ON CANCER AND CELL PHONES, submitted by O. Johansson Dear All,
Please, see enclosed reports provided by Eileen O'Connor and myself for
Charity Canceractive:

"Mobile Phone And Mast Radiation - How Dangerous Are These"
˙ Eileen O'Connor
˙ ˙
"The Effects Of Radiation In The Cause Of Cancer"
Olle Johansson
With my very best regards
Yours sincerely
Olle J.

(Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm

11. EMFS AND PROPERTY VALUES, submitted by Richard Johnson

EMF litigation growing issue for real estate and building concerns. Pg 3 a Remax
agent states that property devaluation from EMF& power lines averages 20 %.
Homes sell 30-35% less than a comparable house distant away

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