Betreff: Protests in Kenya against Thai wildlife deal
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Datum: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 04:03:14 +0300

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Protests in Kenya against Thai wildlife deal

28. July 2005 - Nairobi / Kenya / East-Africa

Please find below a Press Release from Nairobi, where Kenyan and international groups protested yesterday and today against a deal, which involves the capture of wild animals from Kenya and their transport into the Chiang Mai Night Zoo in Thailand. The protest coincided with a Thai trade and export promotion and left those, who are involved in the shady wildlife deal, speechless and ashamed. While even the Thai Senators, who recently visited Kenya on a fact finding mission requested their own Prime Minister to abstain from the ill designed project, certain circles in Kenya and Thailand have not yet come clear and clean.

PRESS RELEASE (pictures and text free for publication)

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Leaders of many Kenyan organizations protest in front of the Royal Thai Embassy in Nairobi against
a deal whereby wildlife species shall be captured from the wild and brought into a night zoo in Thailand

Night Vigil in protest against sending wildlife to Thailand in front of Hotel Intercontinental in
Nairobi, where Thai business people made deals in an export promotion exercise behind
closed doors. (27.07.2005)


P.O. Box 27689
00506 Nairobi, Kenya
Phone/Fax: 606 479
Mobile: 0722-824038

The Kenya and international coalition against the export of wildlife to Thailand, thousands of concerned Kenyans and NGOs around the world strongly oppose the Kenya government’s intention to export 300 of Kenya’s free-ranging wild animals to Chiang Mai Night Safari zoo in Thailand.  We believe Kenya’s wildlife should remain in the wild in Kenya for the benefit of all Kenyans. They are part of our magnificent national heritage. Outlined below are the reasons behind our concerns:

We Kenyans and the international groups named hereunder are totally opposed to the export of wild animals from Kenya. We are therefore appealing to His Excellency the President to urgently reconsider this matter and rescind the decision by the Minister for Tourism and Wildlife – Morris Dzoro.
We are hereby calling to join hearts, minds and voices as well as resources and publicly call for a boycott of any trading with Thailand, to boycott any Thai products and services until the Thai Government publicly and officially denounces that it would not now and never again try to receive in any way wild animals from the wildlands of Africa for their zoo facilities.
Signed by
Local and International Organisations:
For and on behalf of the petitioners:
African Environmental Outlook for Youth
Amboseli Tsavo Conflict Resolution Committee
Born Free USA and The Born Free Foundation U
Centre d'Ethique - Planète Vie
David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Eastern Africa Environmental Network
Ecoterra Intl. and Ecoterra Kenya
Green Alive
Japanese NGO Maasai Project
Kipeto Landowners Association
Kitengela Landowners Association
NARC Youth Congress
Pastoralists Information Bureau
Pegasus Foundation
The Kenya Human Wildlife Conflict Management Network
Youth Center for Biodiversity Conservation
Youth for Conservation

The list is growing for further contact and to support the coaltion please email to:


* see how the "Royal" Thais treat their local people in the hills at and you will not wonder why  they have no moral or ethical scruple to confine free ranging animals from African wilderness in sick Thai zoos for the night fun of paying visitors, who don't get their kicks otherwise.

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* declare your solidarity with the brave Kenyans, who defend their wildlife despite the fact that since some time most peaceful demonstrations are forbidden by police and usually end with arrests and injuries, by sending a note to