Betreff: UHR:‘Traveler’s Mission’
Von: Pranab Saikia
Datum: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 00:46:45 -0800 (PST)

I am forwarding this email to you aiming to introduce the UNITED HUMAN RESOURCE (UHR), India.

I hope the summary of UHR, ‘Traveler’s Mission’, and its proposed ‘Environment-Friendly Farming & Ecological Center and Training Institute for Vocational Education’ (EFFECTIVE) will give you a clear idea about the organization.

 Please go through it and kindly send an email specifying your term of volunteering, your Date of Birth, Sex, Nationality, Passport number and Present address with phone number (if any) and your possible date of joining the mission to receive a formal Letter of Invitation from the UHR.

From the date of joining, the UHR takes every care for you including your food, accommodations etc. in a homely environment and arranges all transportation during the mission.

I would be extremely grateful for your comment, suggestions and advice and initiative in order to meet the required goal of UHR.

I believe you would be kind enough to render your joining hands to lead UHR towards its goal.


Wishing you all the best and hope to see you soon.


With Love and Regards



Pranab Saikia

UHR Founder Director




Program: Action Oriented Research Mission

Organization: UNITED HUMAN RESOURCE, India.

(A revolutionary non-confessional humanitarian social organization)

Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860
Registration Number: RS/KAM/240/0/403 of2002 - 2003


Time Scale: December 2005 to December 2006

Last Date of Joining: 18th June 2006




The earth has been stripped of her original beauty and natural calamities like flood, drought and earthquakes – the not so natural phenomenon occurs as man made disaster. The survival of the major population of the world are an impossible dream today and are suffering from psychological distress, the people of the third countries even don’t know the taste of the fruit of freedom, - freedom from hunger, insecurity, injustice and indignity.


Today we see no end to the multifarious forms of social, economical and environmental problems prevalent in India. Numerous corruption, ruthless exploitations, poor education system and exploding population are increasing unemployment and poverty day by day. Massive exploitation of natural resources, environmental rap and ecological crisis, has poisoned the air, ravaged the soil, stripped the forest bare and corrupted the water resources leading to an unsecured future. The country’s education curriculums do not include appreciation of nature, experiential education and understanding of environmental crisis and its effect on us. The problems we are facing today, demands a change of attitudes, values and priorities on a political, cultural and personal level. It requires a bold rethinking of how we relate to each other and our world.


What we need is a proper education system that allows the human potentials to contribute towards a peaceful and healthy world. We believe that an Eco-friendly Education System has a critical role to play in becoming a part of the solution.

With this view, to make the people aware of the grave problems the human family is facing today and also to investigate deep into the matter the UNITED HUMAN RESOURCE (UHR), a revolutionary non-confessional humanitarian social organization was formed in the summer of 2001. UHR is dedicated to launching Human Resource Developmental activities associated with environmental and socioeconomic issues in India. The specific objective of the organization is to constitute the Eco-friendly Education System to impart vocational and technical training in Natural Resource Management to enable individuals to tackle their environment everyday and ensure their survival, sustenance and prosperity. The Eco-friendly Educational Project of UHR will also provide General Education in an environmental context to promote the overall aspects of daily life - Practical, Social, Moral, Aesthetic and Intellectual.


Our Mission is to educate the underprivileged youths for their sustainable development and arrange technical and financial support for their self-establishment enhancing their standards of living, general, physical and economical wellbeing. Our democratic struggle "Live and Let Live" will lead the Socioeconomic Revolution demanding the right to survival and right to development of the poor. We are determined to constitute the Eco-Friendly education system for general development of the people and environment. Our vision is of a world where the poor people can realize their full potential as a human being in a society. We are confident that Mother Nature will help us every way as the friend, philosopher, nurse and guide. We know that it is Nature where one can find peace, solace, harmony and tranquility.



In order to meet the required goal UHR has begun by establishing a development program, the ‘Traveler’s Mission’, aimed at protecting human rights and fostering responsible youth care and education in an environmental context. This program also serves as a communication platform that will enable people of different countries to share their experiences and work together for the development of multi cultural care facilities for the underprivileged.

The purpose of the 'Traveler's mission' is to organize broadminded people from all over the world to form a Volunteer’s Community to work for the development of the socioeconomic conditions of the poor people of India in relation to the Environment.

'Traveler's mission' arranges for the participants stay with the natives mainly in the South and the Northeastern parts of India enabling them get the reality of this third world, which is a land of ancient history colorful culture and people, superb scenarios and some of the best walking on earth. UHR Director, Pranab Saikia leads the mission and provides guidance and all assistance to the participants in every step.

The main aims of the 'Traveler's mission' are:

* To rediscover the relation between human values and tradition, rebuilding the linkage between cultural beliefs, environment and socioeconomic stability.

* Documentation of the indigenous technologies that help in the sustainable use of natural and human resources, promoting them for the preservation and wider responsible use of traditional knowledge, skills and resources.

* Carry out community oriented actions and participatory research related to environmental, social, economic and cultural matters of their surroundings.

* Study the pressure on Nature and its impact on the local farmers, suggesting solutions and canalizing the human resource capacities in key economic activities for a sustainable development

* Work as a vigilant organization and bring the criminal activities against Nature and Humanity for the public awareness. At the same time, bring consciousness about all the 'apparently inoffensive habits' that daily contribute to this depleting inertia.

* Mobilize International support and coordination to help the underprivileged to become self-reliant. Encouraging them to develop their capacities using natural and local resources in a planned, scientific and sustained manner, making them aware of the ongoing degradation and destruction of the environment and its consequences for their well being.

Specifically, the goal of the 'Travelers mission' is to establish a self-employment oriented Eco-friendly Educational Project the 'Environment-Friendly Farming & Ecological Center and Training Institute for Vocational Education' (EFFECTIVE) to impart vocational and technical training to the underprivileged mainly in the areas of Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture and bee keeping, Mushroom cultivation, Sericulture, Animal husbandry, Fishery, Maintenance of agriculture equipment, Food processing and preservation, Handlooms and Handicrafts, Sustainable Renewable energy resources and responsive Eco-tourism etc. This education project also integrates moral and spiritual education in an environmental context for children and adults. Thus making them self-reliant, enhancing their standard of living and job prospects besides creating environmental consciousness among them. The EFFECTIVE will also provide free lodging and other basic necessities of life for orphaned, destitute and disadvantaged children, educating them how to use their potentials in sustainable ways allowing them to contribute towards a healthy and peaceful world. The aim of this Eco-friendly education is to utilize the natural resources and ecological factors in a friendly way in relation to human resource development for general upliftment of people and environment. EFFECTIVE will ensure Financial and Technical Support, Market and Easy Distribution System, and Project Implementation and Monitoring Support to the trainees to make them self-reliant.

How the proposed EFFECTIVE will work:

* Develop and demonstrate a role model of a sustainable agriculture system.

* Introduce agro-forestry farming system and best utilization of land, resources and time.

* Create awareness about the importance of managing and preserving sustainable natural resources.

* Analyze the environmental resources and ecological factor in relation to human resource development.

* Promote ecologically sound and culturally appropriate sustainable agriculture.

* Retain traditional culture through the teaching indigenous skill and technologies, rebuilding the relation between traditional skills and ecology for sustainable development.

* Teach sustainable management of social waste.

* Education for effective project planning implementation, monitoring and evaluation.


All interested organizations and individuals who would like to widen their scope of vision and multicultural understanding through travelling are invited to participate in the 'Traveler's mission'

To set up the 'EFFECTIVE' UHR is in need of a land area of approximately 25 acres. We are looking for any organization or Individuals for partnership to establish the 'EFFECTIVE'.

All participants of the Traveler's mission' are requested to take initiative for the establishment of the 'EFFECTIVE'. Any one can help UHR by becoming partner or connecting any organization and individual interested for partnership in establishing the 'EFFECTIVE'. One can also help by donating in any kind - manpower, land, money, materials etc.

We welcome one and all who are deeply concerned with the grave situation of Nature and Humanity. Your participation in this mission will be highly valued. We are in strong need of your guidance and support to save the deteriorating scene of this strained and distressed world.


Northeast is the richest part of India with its natural resources. It is the matter of great agony that the people of this land have no scope to utilize their own resources to reduce their poverty. No initiatives are taken in awakening the people to the key issues of sustainable development, to look over the linkage between ecology and human development and good management of their land, water and forest. The entire region is neglected by the Indian regime since the British left. The irrational use of natural resources, injustice and inhumanity causing all round discontentment and misery of the people in the region. Unless and until the young generation is educated to come forward and root out these evils, the future of the land is bleak.

To do something for the underprivileged, it is significant to enter deep into the people and know them in real.

In this program, ‘Traveler’s Mission’ welcomes you to the Northeast India – a land of indigenous people with unique cultures and breathtaking natural beauty and one of the selected and virgin destinations of the world with tremendous scope for responsive Eco-tourism.

Guwahati, the capital of Assam and the gateway of Northeast India, will be the main station for the Mission from where you will enter different villages of Assam, Nagaland and Meghalaya by different transports like steam boat, ferry, bus, train, small vehicles and bicycle. The program may be extended to other states of the region subject to the term of volunteering and other conditions.

This research program also include exploring some parts of south India, to experience the environmental resource, ecological factors in relation to human resource development, democracy, human rights and social, political and cultural differences within the country.

‘Traveler’s Mission’ provides you the unique opportunity to get into the natives, be a part of them and learn about their land, culture, way of living, the prospects for their sustainable development etc.

Staying with the locals you will find the relation between human values and tradition and the linkage between cultural beliefs, environment and socioeconomic stability. This knowledge will help you to educate the people to develop their capacities for proper utilization of natural and local resources in a planned, scientific and sustained manner.

Apart from your work, you may interact with the children giving them English conversation training, Sanitation and hygiene related education, Health awareness, Gardening, Drawing, Playing and Entertainment programs like Music, Dancing etc.

You will enjoy the diverse and colorful cultures, customs and festivals of the natives, staying with them in a homely atmosphere.

UHR organizes fun-filled study tours at regular interval of the work.

Accommodations on sharing basis and food are arranged by UHR with the locals during the Mission. All transportation during the Mission is arranged by UHR.

If you have an understanding mind, a mentality to trust others, love for the human family and this small planet Earth, willingness to take initiatives and work independently and collaboratively in a multicultural context, and the capacity to adjust with the living style of the poor people, you get the real value of human life in this Mission.


* You are invited to live with the natives here and help UHR in the action oriented research work for the establishment of the Eco-friendly Educational Project.


* You will be encouraging the rural poor to develop their traditional skills and indigenous technology for their sustainable development.

* Documentation of the indigenous technologies will be an added advantage for the preservation and wider responsible use of traditional knowledge, skills and resources, and will play a key role to educate people in the ambit of sustainable development.

* Carryout a feasibility study for the establishment of an extensive central project of the self-employment oriented Eco-friendly Education System of UHR, where students and representatives from far reach communities would come for experience, training and follow-up support by specialists.

* Prepare a project report of the proposed " Environment-friendly Farming and Ecological Center and Training Institute for Vocational Education" (EFFECTIVE) on your observation of the local and natural resources, human resource capacities, infrastructure, environment, possible acquisitions, land etc. and expected cost.

* Design a prospectus outlining the basic principles, project illustrations, photographs of successful related components, technical data and information etc. for presentation to potential supporters.

* Your final goal of this volunteer program will be to prepare an appropriate project proposal of the ‘EFFECTIVE’ for submission to the local Government and Financial Institutions for the allotment of the required land and financial support for its implementation.


* Identify potential resources of funding for the proposed EFFECTIVE and drafting funding proposals.

* Connect organizations and individuals interested for partnership in establishing the EFFECTIVE.

* Designing curriculum for the Eco-friendly self-employment oriented training including the preparation and development of training and resource materials.

* Assist the director in correspondence for the smooth functioning of the organization.

* Help in designing a web site of UHR.

* Encourage the rural poor to produce various Eco-friendly handlooms and handicrafts and Coordinate in promoting these products for their economical wellbeing.


* Get involved in appealing before the Government, Universities and other educational bodies for recognition and affiliation of the Eco-friendly Education System to extend and further strengthen a base of quality education for the sake of Nature and Humanity.

* With your entire experience from the mission, you are expected to represent the 'United Human Resource' – mobilizing support and coordination in setting up the ‘EFFECTIVE’.


As our volunteer you can select any of the following terms in this program:

  1. Long term traveling volunteers mission (6 months):
    In this six months program, you get sufficient knowledge and experiences by exploring different places of the country to boost UHR towards its goal. This long-term program allows you to enjoy a fruitful outcome of your great effort towards this global cause.
  2. Medium term traveling volunteers mission (4 months):
    Even though 4 months time is not quiet enough to visit more places, the knowledge and experiences that you gain by visiting various places within this time and interacting with the local, you can make a significant contribution towards the goal of UHR.
  3. Short-term traveling volunteers mission (2 months):
    This 2 months time is just enough to know the UHR and its people. However you can take initiatives by working individually or collaboratively for the purpose.

All these terms include an exciting and one of the longest train journeys in India that is from South to Northeast, which is a 3 nights, continuous journey. In this journey you will view the agricultural situations of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal and Assam.

Staying with the villagers in the different villages of Assam, Meghalaya and Nagaland and analyzing the local and environmental resources and ecological factors in relation to human resource development, you will carryout your research work to fulfil your responsibilities to reach the goal of UHR.

As a part of your work, you will be visiting different places of Ecological, Socio-Cultural, Historical, Economical and political importance of Northeast India to gather information on scopes of sustainable development.

On intervals of your work, you will enjoy the picturesque beauty of Shillong and Cheerapunji in Meghalaya; wildlife sanctuaries in Kajiranga and Nameri national parks in Assam, to know the present situations of this natural world and prospects of responsive Eco-tourism in the region.

At the end of the program the locals for your work and contributions towards the great cause will felicitate you.

As a family member of UHR you will be in touch always with the organization and will be receiving the progress report of UHR from time to time wherever you are in the world.


Please send an email to explaining your background and interest for the purpose, a minimum of 15 days prior to your joining the mission.

The UHR Director Mr. Pranab Saikia will receive you at Mysore City of Karnataka, South India
At Guwahati, the gateway of Northeast India, which is subject to your date of joining, schedule of the UHR director and the place of your arrival in India.

Direct trains are available to Mysore from Mumbai and Chennai. The silicon city Mysore is at a distance of 139 kilometer from Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka.

Guwahati is well connected by airways, railways and a network of roads with all the prominent cities of the country.

Kindly specify a term of volunteering mentioning your Date of Birth, Sex, Nationality, Passport No and Present address with phone number (if any) in your Letter of Interest, to receive a formal Letter of Invitation from the UHR.

You will be briefed about the ‘Traveler’s Mission’ by the director before you register yourself with UHR as a volunteer for a specific term.

UHR is not able to afford its Volunteer’s expenses at this moment. Therefore, you are a self-funding volunteer. To ensure smooth functioning of the mission, UHR requests you to deposit the program expenditure to the Director at the time of registration.

This is an ongoing research program for the establishment of the "Eco-friendly Educational Project" that will end by December 2006. You can join the mission any time till 18th June 2006.


The entire expenditure of the program includes food, accommodations, all transportation and other miscellaneous expenses during the mission in a nominal budget, which is free from any taxation.


As the Mission includes a lot of traveling, the expenditure for transport is the most.



* Comfortable formal clothes and shoes for easy movement.
* Warm clothes for winters.
* Sleeping bag.
* Personal Medicine.
* You may carry a computer to carry out your work comfortably.

To know more about UHR kindly visit


For your Comment, Suggestion, Advice and any queries please send an email to:


Call UHR Director MR. Pranab Saikia any time at +91 98804 34054.

Wish you all the best and welcome you to the UHR family.


Kind Regards
Pranab Saikia
Founder Director




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